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Market Research Report Press Release Governments around the world are enforcing environmental policies in order to cut down emission levels. As most emissions come from internal combustion engines (ICE) cars, they become regulations’ targets. The other alternative to the ICE cars are Electric Vehicles (EVs), which governments incentivize consumers to switch to. However, EVs require a developed charging infrastructure network in order for e-mobility to work smoothly. Hence, with growth of the EVs on the roads, grows the demand for the deployment of the charging stations.

Currently one of the fastest growing submarkets of the e-mobility industry is the charging infrastructure network. Within our report we have forecasted that by the end of 2016 we estimate that the stock of the Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment (EVSE) will exceed 2.2 million units. For the past five years deployment of EVSE experienced double digit growth and higher. This is due to the fast adoption curve and government targets and incentives. The deployment rate of charging stations will accelerate from this year onwards spreading to more countries and segments.

Our report analyses the opportunities that the EVSE market is offering but also the restraints that it will face in order to develop competitive business strategy. The report suggests that the Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment market will register strong growth. It examines in detail the market by countries, by type of charging, and as a whole. The report provides a thorough overview of the market to identify key growth areas and business opportunities to exploit.

The author of the 192 page Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Market report commented that:

“Electric vehicles have gained a solid foothold in the automotive industry. Consumer awareness, private and government incentives and the competitive price of Battery Electric Vehicles will drive the demand for Charging Stations during the period 2016 - 2026. The revenue from BEVs acted as a motivation for independent and smaller car companies to enter the pure electric market industry with prototypes or with limited production. On the other side, as the market for EVs is gaining power, the demand for charging stations will follow the global sales of EVs. The market definitely offers space for further development and high stake profits.”

The Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Market report will be of value to current and future potential investors into the automotive industry, as well as companies and research centers who wish to broaden their knowledge of the automotive EVSE market.
Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Market Forecast 2016-2026

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Market Forecast 2016-2026

Publish date : July 2016
Report code : ASDR-282671
Pages : 192

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Market Report 2019-2029

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Market Report 2019-2029

Publish date : December 2018
Report code : ASDR-474726
Pages : December 2018 Media contact: S. Koopman - Marketing and Communications / ASDMedia BV - Veemkade 356 - 1019HD Amsterdam - The Netherlands
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