The Ophthalmic Devices Market Will Reach $22.84bn in 2020

Friday 1 July 2016, Amsterdam

Market Research Report Press Release A new report, now available on ASDReports, predicts that the Ophthalmic Devices market will reach $22.84bn in 2020. This forecast and others appear in Ophthalmic Devices Market Forecast 2016-2026: Clarifying Vision – Prospects and Developments in Ophthalmic Surgical Devices, Diagnostics and Monitoring, and Vision Care published in May 2016.

The report examines the current and future trends in the Ophthalmic Devices market with particular focus on recent pivotal developments in the sector involving pipeline paradigm-shifting products and the major acquisitions that have taken place between large ophthalmics companies in the last few years.

Ophthalmic Devices are instruments or similar articles intended for use in diagnosis, treatment, prevention or monitoring of eye diseases or conditions. This includes devices placed directly on the surface of the eye or inserted into the eye. The Ophthalmic Devices market encompasses the following product segments: Diagnostics and Monitoring devices, Vision Care and Surgical devices.

As the global population ages, there is an increased incidence of conditions that precipitate poor vision. In addition, there’s an increased demand from populations in both emerging and developed economies to improve ocular health and sight. The highly competitive ophthalmic devices market is increasingly expected to innovate in order to meet these demands in a safe manner. Pipeline developments of contact and intraocular lenses include more sophisticated technologies to improve comfort and also possess enhanced features such as blood glucose monitoring, which is anticipated to be the next paradigm shift in ophthalmic device and eye care.

In this report, we examine in detail the factors which are driving the Ophthalmic Devices market growth and the key companies currently operating in the ophthalmic devices market including their product pipelines. We also examine key national markets and discuss trends and variations within these markets, alongside an analysis of ophthalmic devices. The Ophthalmic Devices categories examined in this report are: Vision Care, Surgical Devices, Diagnostics and Monitoring Devices. National Markets focused on are the US, China, Japan, EU5 (Germany, UK, Italy, France and Spain), Brazil, Russia, India and South Korea.

Using both primary and secondary research, forecasts have been built for the major submarkets, leading products and leading national and regional markets, accompanied by text giving a thorough explanation of events thought to shape the market currently and in the future.

Also included is analysis of the current leading players in the Ophthalmic Devices Market. Historical financial performance is analysed, where available, along with a breakdown of each company’s leading products, and recent merger & acquisition information, with an analysis of news that may influence the course of the company.
Ophthalmic Devices Market Forecast 2016-2026

Ophthalmic Devices Market Forecast 2016-2026

Publish date : May 2016
Report code : ASDR-278426
Pages : 190

Global Ophthalmic Devices Market 2018-2028

Global Ophthalmic Devices Market 2018-2028

Publish date : June 2018
Report code : ASDR-461538
Pages : June 2018 Media contact: S. Koopman - Marketing and Communications / ASDMedia BV - Veemkade 356 - 1019HD Amsterdam - The Netherlands
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