Russia and China Driving Demand for Proppant.

Monday 27 May 2013, Amsterdam

Market Research Report Press Release New analysis indicates that the proppants market will reach a value of $7.5bn in 2013 as the amount of hydraulic fracturing of unconventional plays increases, especially in Russia and China, driving demand for more proppant.

Proppants are an integral part of hydraulic fracturing, the process by which unconventional oil and gas resources are extracted.  The promise of unconventional resources to meet the energy demands of the near future, due in part to technological improvements and multi-stage horizontal drilling techniques, will drive ever-increasing amounts of hydraulic fracturing.  Proppant sales will grow as a part of this trend, expanding in value and volume terms.

The lead analyst of the Proppants report commented that, ‘the outlook for unconventional oil and gas development is the primary determinant of proppant sales. The amount of hydraulic fracturing jobs performed will increase significantly in Russia and China over the next ten years. The former is aiming to exploit tight/shale oil reserves, whilst the latter harbours ambitions for all types of unconventional resources with natural gas the focus of attention. Sales of proppants destined for use in Russia is poised for take-off, whereas the difficulty in developing unconventionals in China will hamper rapid proppant sales growth until 2018. In addition to these two emerging markets, North America will continue to be the dominant consumer of proppants, generating billions of dollars of revenue for proppant suppliers.’

The report provides sales forecasts for the five major proppants markets of the US, China, Russia, Canada and Australia, as well as providing analysis of 6 other key national markets. The submarkets of Ceramic proppants, resin coated proppants and frac sand are also individually analyzed and forecast. There are 107 tables, charts and graphs that add visual analysis in order to explain developing trends within the proppants market. We provide forecasts for the period 2013-2023 in terms of sales (US$) of proppants.

A company chapter provides detailed analysis and outlooks for the most active proppants suppliers. Last of all, two interviews with individuals from within the proppants industry provide expert insight analysis.

The Proppants Market 2013-2023 will be of value to current and potential future stakeholders and/or investors in the proppants industry and unconventional oil and gas industry. It will also benefit companies and research centres that wish to broaden their knowledge and understanding of a niche market that will be critical to the development of unconventional hydrocarbon resources worldwide.
The Proppants Market 2013-2023

The Proppants Market 2013-2023

Publish date : May 2013
Report code : ASDR-63831
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