Small Hydropower Market Reaches 13.34 Billion Dollars in 2011

Sunday 11 December 2011, Amsterdam

Small Hydropower Market Reaches 13.34 Billion Dollars in 2011
The Small Hydropower Market 2011-2021 is the latest energy report, analysing one of the ever more important renewable energy markets over the coming ten years. The report provides in-depth analyses and forecasts for both the market size and small hydropower capacity for the global and regional markets from 2011-2021. This study has calculated that global spending on small hydropower projects will total $13.34bn in 2011, while small hydropower capacity will reach 97.7 GW.

Small hydropower generation – defined as hydropower projects of 30 MW or less in size in our report – has been in existence for well over a century, with very little change in the fundamental technologies utilised to produce electricity. However, the pressing need for renewable energy and improved electrification rates in rural parts of the developing world has revitalised the marketplace, and has consequently led to the emergence of opportunistic investments in small hydropower development. China has led the way, backed strongly by the UNFCCC’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and a strong commitment to increase national renewable energy generation. Others will likely follow suit to develop small hydropower projects from their natural and man-made waterways.

While the market is still heavily restricted, particularly in developed countries, by environmental and planning bureaucracy, the negligible impact on river systems by small hydropower plants and the environmental benefits of the technology should lead to governments removing or at least loosening this red tape. Renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction policies will also drive the small hydropower market into a new era of growth. All this and more are comprehensively analysed in the 2011-2021 report on the small hydropower market.

The Small Hydropower Market 2011-2021 report details the prospects for this revitalised renewable energy market with detailed forecasts from 2011-2021 for the global small hydropower market and capacity. A detailed examination of the drivers and restraints affecting the small hydropower marketplace is also included. There are market forecasts and capacity forecasts for the seven regional markets: Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America, Europe, Eurasia, Africa and the Middle East. Each region is broken down into the key national markets in terms of recent developments and future plans for small hydropower projects. The report then explores the views from three leading experts in the small hydropower sector:

• Liam Brown; managing director of Greenearth Hydro
• Andrew Lane; partner and the chief financial officer at Blue2Green
• Mike New; executive vice president of Canyon Hydro

The Small Hydropower Market 2011-2021 report includes 92 tables, charts and graphs quantifying and forecasting the market in detail. In addition, the report offers profiles of 35 of the leading companies involved in the small hydropower sector. The report will be valuable to those already involved in the hydropower industry or to those wishing to enter this important market in the future.

The Small Hydropower Market 2011-2021

The Small Hydropower Market 2011-2021

Publish date : December 2011
Report code : ASDR-24227
Pages : 152

Hydropower Market Report 2024-2034

Hydropower Market Report 2024-2034

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