The Global Gas to Liquids Market to be Worth $5.75bn in 2011

Friday 18 November 2011, Amsterdam

The Global Gas to Liquids Market to be Worth $5.75bn in 2011
A combination of high oil prices, oversupply of natural gas, increasing global energy demands, and improving extraction technologies is creating a renewed interest in the gas to liquids market. Over the forecast period there is likely to be strong growth in the gas to liquids market as a number of countries look to utilise their natural gas resources by establishing or expanding their gas to liquids industries. The Gas to Liquids Market 2011-2021 report calculates the global gas to liquids market, defined as spending on new infrastructure, the upgrading of existing gas to liquids facilities, plus spending on R&D, to be worth $5.75bn in 2011.

The report quantifies the market in terms of global size and breaks the market down into 7 regions which includes the 13 leading national gas to liquids markets. Forecasts and analysis are provided for each market over the 2011-2021 period. The report also examines the major drivers and restraints influencing the market over the next decade and explains the major technologies within the market, analysing which nations will drive investment into the gas to liquids market.

Though the industry will be faced with the restraints of proving the effectiveness of new technologies to potential investors, overcoming investment concerns, and confronting a weak global economy, the gas to liquids market is likely to provide substantial opportunities for potential investors. This report offers an in-depth analysis of the opportunities and challenges facing companies in the global gas to liquids market.The report also describes the most important technological changes within the gas to liquids industry and assesses their importance for the growth of the market over the long-term. The various drivers and restraints of the market are evaluated in order to provide readers with specific insights into the future direction of the gas to liquids market.

The Gas to Liquids Market 2011-2021 report details the prospects for this dynamic energy sector with detailed forecasts from 2011-2021. The report includes 141 tables, charts and graphs quantifying, analysing and forecasting the market in detail, and providing quantitative and qualitative information on the 7 regional markets and 13 leading national markets. In addition, the report offers profiles of 38 of the leading companies involved in the gas to liquids business. Furthermore, the analysis has been informed by extensive consultation with industry experts. Two full transcripts of interviews with leading companies are included from Syntroleum Corporation and Velocys Inc. The report will be valuable to those already involved in the gas to liquids market or to those wishing to enter this important market in the future.
The Gas-to-Liquids Market 2013-2023

The Gas-to-Liquids Market 2013-2023

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