The market for Parkinson's disease drugs will reach $3754m in 2015

Sunday 30 October 2011, Amsterdam

The market for Parkinson's disease drugs will reach $3754m in 2015
This new report predicts that the market for Parkinson's disease drugs will reach $3754m in 2015. This decade, new products, including adenosine receptor antagonists, will benefit the Parkinson's treatment market and stimulate growth of overall revenue.

The market for Parkinson's disease drugs generated $3351m in 2010, according to Parkinson's Disease: World Drug Market 2011-2021, published in September 2011. The Parkinson's treatment market has potential to expand. In 2011 there are more than 300 late-stage trials of Parkinson's drugs in progress.

Parkinson's disease is a prominent neurodegenerative disorder. Though it is primarily a movement disorder, with symptoms including tremor and bradykinesia, it often causes cognitive effects including dementia and psychosis. Because Parkinson's affects mostly the elderly, the ageing of the world population will result in its prevalence increasing, giving opportunities to the pharmaceutical industry.

The disease remains chronic and incurable, but since the 1960s treatments have relieved some of the symptoms. Many treatments are approaching - or have reached - commercial maturity, but a strong R&D pipeline stands ready to replace them. This report discusses leading drug candidates, including new adenosine receptor antagonists. That study covers Boehringer Ingelheim, Novartis, GSK, Teva and many other companies, predicting revenues and developmental trends to 2021.

The healthcare industry analyst, says: "Parkinson's remains the most treatable of the neurodegenerative diseases, but the industry needs a new approach to supplement dopaminergic therapies. Longer term, gene therapies, biomarkers and stem cells point the way to disease modification and an eventual cure. In coming years, adenosine receptor antagonists will boost the Parkinson's treatment armoury. Those drugs offer a way to bypass the dopamine system and restore damaged communicational links in the brain. Kyowa Hakko Kirin has the leading product candidate."

This report indicates that scientific and industrial studies of Parkinson's disease will yield important developments in the next ten years. While dopaminergic treatments will remain important, drugs with other mechanisms of action will enter the market and improve treatment of patients.

This study predicts that the Parkinson's treatment market will grow steadily to 2021, with some existing drugs being superseded by newer treatments.
Parkinson's Disease: World Drug Market 2013-2023

Parkinson's Disease: World Drug Market 2013-2023

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