Exxon Mobil Benefiting From Large Scale of Operations to Reach Top Ranking

Friday 21 October 2011, Amsterdam

Exxon Mobil Benefiting From Large Scale of Operations to Reach Top Ranking
Exxon Mobil Benefiting From Large Scale of Operations to Reach Top Ranking

As we can clearly analyze by comparing the weighted scores of Exxon Mobil Corporation and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, the latter scored higher in every aspect of analysis, with the exception of interest ratios. However, the very large operational scale of Exxon Mobil Corporation has provided such high scores as to more than compensate every other aspect.

BP plc Losing Weighted Score on Account of Gulf Spill Over Cost

BP plc has shown revenue growth in 2010, indicating the signs of recovery from the recessionary period. On the cost front, the gulf spillover cost was so high in 2010 that it eroded all the profits from the firm and left BP plc in net loss in 2010. This net loss of 2010 left all the ratios for BP plc negatively impacted, and they reached lowest levels in our study. The low ratios were therefore not able to produce high weighted scores for BP plc in the ratio analysis or comparative analysis. With the lowest scores among the top ten petrochemical companies, BP plc was in last place with 10th rank in the study.

Overall Ranking of Top Ten Petrochemical Companies

Exxon Mobil Corporation, as a high scale operating player with better performance and growth in 2010, took the top position among the top ten petrochemical companies, with a total weighted score of 90.75. Saudi Basic Industries Corporation followed, with even better performance in almost all sections, except the operational scale ratio. They secured second spot, with a weighted score of 90.5. BP plc was in last place, with the lowest weighted score due to net losses shown in 2010 under the impact of the gulf spill over cost.

About this new market study:
This report provides detailed insight into the performance of the top ten petrochemical companies across the world. It contains detailed profiles and analysis of the financial and operational performance of the top ten companies on various parameters. Besides the overall company profiles for all ten companies governing the chemical market, the report includes ratio analysis of the performance of the companies in the past five years. To understand the current positions of the companies, SWOT analysis of the companies has also been provided. The report also includes the comparative study of all the companies on every single parameter of ratio analysis for last year’s performance. The companies have been provided with weighted scores, depending upon the ratio scores in the last year. Finally, the companies have been given a ranking according to the total weighted scores.

Global Petrochemical Companies

Global Petrochemical Companies

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