This report refers to the QD technology market, which caters to awide range of applications, products, and materials. QD technology products cover QD film, QD display, , QD panels, QD solar cells, and QD laser; QD technology-based application areas cover biotechnology, biological, clinical, defence, computing, solar, optoelectronics, and security. QD technology based materials cover cadmium selenide, cadmium sulphide, cadmium telluride, indium arsenide, graphene, and silicon.

In the due course of research it was found that many applications are focusing on quantum dot technology to provide better diligent offerings; however, most of the applications are still at the R&D phase or at the pilot stage. From a commercialization stand point, it has been found that optoelectronics has developed its market in the field of quantum dot based television. Another major notable progress expected in the phase of commercialization would be that of the “non-colloidal (epitaxial) QD based lasers”.From the medical device and health care industry prospective, it has been found that, in the current base year (2013), 'biological labelling’ has commercialized its products based on quantum dots.

Americas is the market leader in healthcare QD applications. Optoelectronics has started commercializing in the base year. Products like quantum dot based television have started entering the commercial market. Hence it is anticipated that in the forecast period optoelectronics segment is going to significantly contribute in the revenue generation.

From the immediate future commercialization stand point, it is anticipated that solar cells, QD sensors, and lighting will showcase significant increase in its revenue and market share in the forecast period.

It is also observed that among all these applications and products, QD technology is partially commercialized, and in many of the application areas and products, it is still undergoing research.

QD-based market research report takes an insight into the market through market sizes, revenue forecasts, value chain, market & product trends, competitive landscape, leading participants and their key developments, strategies, and profiles. It also analyses the market by product, application, material, and geography.