Global Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) Market is expected to grow considerably through 2032 owing to the burgeoning number of companies seeking integration of CNAPP into their organizational security strategy.

Cloud-native application protection platform incorporates artificial intelligence into cloud-based solutions, enabling businesses to handle massive volumes of data and make choices in real-time. This results in more accurate predictions, quicker innovation for transformational change, and cost-effective scalability.

To equip its customers with better protection, the top CNAPP providers are focusing on strategic alliances and product development with cyber security companies. For instance, in January 2023, Lookout Inc. announced updates to the Lookout Cloud Security Platform’s functionality and features. The cloud-native platform offers a unified strategic framework for monitoring and compliance in all mobile phones in addition to the internet, cloud, and private apps. For both mobile devices and cloud security systems, new platform innovations including unified agents and single control planes provide a streamlined management and cost-effective solution for IT and security professionals.

The CNAPP market has been divided in terms of component, cloud, organization size, application, and region.

Based on component, the market has been bifurcated into solution and services. Under solution, the Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) segment is slated to amass notable gains by 2032. The growth of cloud technologies has resulted in a transition in corporate architecture towards multi-cloud, hybrid architecture. This switch has spurred the demand for efficient Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPPs) that can safeguard the varied mix of virtual machines (VMs), physical machines, containers, and serverless workloads.

With respect to application, the retail segment is speculated to expand exponentially over the review timeline. Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms have a lot to offer to retail enterprises. For critical cloud-based systems and applications for the retail sector, such as e-commerce systems, point-of-sale platforms, and consumer data storage, CNAPP offers improved protection. It also ensures the security of sensitive client data and money transfers given its real-time threat mitigation.

From the regional perspective, the Asia Pacific CNAPP market held approximately 10% market share in 2022. The region is home to several SMEs that are progressively depending on cloud computing to boost operating effectiveness and remain competitive in the industry.