Polycarbonate Films Market may exceed USD 2.4 billion by 2024; according to a new research report.

Increasing automotive and electronics industries with growing demand for high performance & energy efficient products may witness significant growth in polycarbonate films market. Growing demand towards lightweight vehicles and strict regulatory norms to reduce the usage of heavy metals and glass in automotive sector is likely to further support the industry growth.

Polycarbonate films provides superior properties including durability, fuel efficiency and weather resistance in automotive industries. These products act as high-performance materials and provide transparency with value additional performance features including lightweight and minimization of ripple, alteration and optical defects in vehicles, thereby fueling product demand.

Polycarbonate films have wide range of application in healthcare industries owing to its mechanical and optical properties. These products are utilized for packaging of medical devices and surgical instruments or transplants that are radiation-sterilized and exhibit good resistance to sterilizers and cleaning agents due to their thermal, mechanical and moisture related properties. Diagnostic equipment is of great demand followed by patient monitoring equipment, consumables, patient aids, orthopedics and dental products, thereby stimulating the product demand.

Optical PC films market may surpass USD 1.2 billion by 2024. Rising automotive sector results in increased demand for light weight vehicles which in turn will support industry demand for this segment. Furthermore, these products provide key benefits which includes dimensional stability, clean edge die-cutability and thermal stability in automotive, which is likely to foster PC films demand.

Flame retardant polycarbonate films market should witness significant gains at over 7% by 2024. It is ideally used in dielectric insulations, labels and overlays and in printed circuit boards as they offer several benefits like thermal and electrical insulation, light weight, high impact strength and compatibility with adhesives may fuel the market demand over the foreseeable period.

Weatherable PC films market demand may surpass USD 270 million by 2024. These products are widely used as warning labels, signages and display windows and in electronics products as they offer key benefits which includes UV resistance, durability, abrasion and chemical resistance which in turn enhance industrial growth.

North America led by the U.S. and Canada polycarbonate films market may witness gains at over 6.5% by the end of forecast period. Growing medical technology and stringent demand on materials with respect to hygiene, service life and durability is likely to foster the product demand. Rising demand of high-tech medical devices from diagnostics to surgical application owing to its high thermal and moisture related properties may stimulate the regional industry growth.

Europe led by Germany, France and UK polycarbonate films market may exceed USD 650 million by 2024. EPSE is the European trade association representative of polycarbonate sheet & films suppliers and producers in Europe. Made up from leading manufacturers of polycarbonate multiwall, ridged, and compact sheets and braced by resin producers, EPSE endorses the use of polycarbonate sheets in the region market and advances industry standards, may propel the industry growth.

Asia Pacific led by, China, Japan and India polycarbonate films market demand may witness gains at over 8% by 2024. The growth in demand can be attributed owing to high penetration of products across electronics & electrical industry. The main significance in this region for the growth of consumer electronics are the changes in macroeconomics, such as rising per captia income, growing middle class population, demographics and education attainments. This is fostering growth in certain categories, namely tablets, smartphones and wearable electronics including smartwatches, thereby stimulating polycarbonate films market.

Global polycarbonate films market share is consolidated with key players including SABIC, Covestro, Teijin, Excelite, Wiman and Rowland Technologies. Companies are investing in R&D and new product development to expand their market demand.