The pressure sensor market is expected to witness remuneratively strong growth by 2027 owing to a growing demand for optical sensors from the healthcare sector, rising adoption of sealed pressure sensor in marine and industrial applications, and increasing adoption of pressure sensors in smartphones.

A pressure sensor is an instrument or device which can measure the pressure in liquids or gases. This comprises of a pressure-sensitive element which can effectively determine the pressure being applied as well as components to convert the data into an output signal. Pressure sensors often use piezoelectric technology, since piezoelectric elements usually give off an electric charge in proportion to the stress they undergo.

The pressure sensor market is segmented in terms of product type, technology, output, application and regional landscape.

As per product, the market for pressure sensor is classified into differential pressure sensor, gauge pressure sensor, absolute pressure sensor, and others. The others segment will witness a market growth of over 3.0% by the end of the analysis timeframe. This growth is accredited to the rising adoption of sealed pressure sensor in marine and industrial applications since it is less prone to imprecisions with temperature variations.

The sealed nature of pressure sensor usually measures the input pressure with respect to a sealed chamber locked with atmospheric pressure. This guards the sensor’s internal circuitry from humidity. This range is usually restricted to minimum 7bar and more than that. Some of the applications include outside installations or where the device might be washed.

In terms of technology, the pressure sensor market is categorized into piezoelectric, optical, electromagnetic, resonant solid-state, capacitive, piezoresistive, and others. Here, the optical segment will foresee a market growth of above 6.0% by end of 2027. High product adoption in the healthcare sector, owing to the devices’ compact size and high flexibility, will fuel the industry outlook.

Optical sensors could be formed by using minute components or MEMS technology. With its usage in healthcare sector, it is known to be medically safe for topical use or implantation and could even measure the pressure at various points along the fiber.

In terms of application, the overall market is bifurcated into healthcare, aerospace & defense, industrial, consumer electronics, automotive and others. Among these, the consumer electronics segment will witness more than 6.5% market growth by the end of 2027. Increasing adoption of pressure sensors in smartphones will accelerate segmental growth.

On the geographical front, Latin America segment will record a market growth of around 5.0 % by the end of the projected time period. The rising number of government initiatives to fast-track the expansion of the regional manufacturing sector would fuel the LATAM pressure sensor market growth.