This report provides insight into a selection of successful mortgage players globally. This includes a deep-dive analysis of five lenders in four countries, examining what each player did to improve their mortgage proposition over at least a decade and how successful their efforts were.

We also outline the key strategic initiatives of each provider and their effect on the lender’s overall performance.

With the emergence of sustained low interest rates in the early 2010s, combined with the later advent of digital challenger banks all around the world, incumbents are facing a race to digitally transform themselves to secure their position in the mortgage market. However, while many have only recently woken up to this issue, a few select banks realized this much earlier. We have therefore released this report on the best mortgage propositions around the world to see what these banks did to be successful, how early they changed, and what their motives were. Banks have been chosen based on strong evidence of continual, organic growth in their mortgage market share, supplemented by other factors such as profitability, costs, net interest margins, and benchmarked performance in all parts of retail banking.


  • Given the range of banks chosen, in terms of size, corporate culture, geography, wealth, and specialty, most banks have pursued remarkably similar policies at surprisingly similar times.
  • Banks were quick to connect to new, digital channels. Most were keen not only to use online and mobile banking, but also connect via alternative channels such as instant messaging, social media, and sometimes through digital partners.
  • Most banks created mutual incentives for their customers in the form of product advantages for both parties.
  • These advantages, such as better margins or time-saving features, made it easier and more worthwhile for banks and customers to do business with each other.

Reasons To Buy

  • Gain insight into what the most successful mortgage players globally have done to succeed.
  • Learn about how these improvements have helped lenders solve existing problems and achieve higher profits and lower costs.
  • Compare the performance and strategic direction of your firm against competitors.