This report outlines the market trends and consumer behavior impacting the savory snacks sector and what implications these may have on the industry’s future. It further explores the evolution of the market amid COVID-19, company performance, and news, as well as inspiring product innovation.

Overall, the global savory snacks sector value and volume is forecast to increase during the 2019-23 period. However, the growth trajectory will differ from the sector forecast predicted in 2019 made before the COVID-19 pandemic.? The volume of savory snacks will grow at a slower rate compared to value, due to long-term impacts directly related to the pandemic as consumers deprioritize indulgent items.


  • Savory snack value and volume growth will be slower than pre COVID-19 forecasts.?
  • Price-sensitive consumers will be a core driver of stunted savory snack growth.
  • All regions are expected to increase savory snack volume and value on the road to 2023, especially Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.
  • Sustainability plays a vital role in consumer purchase decisions.
  • Diversify "better-for-you" product ranges through partnerships.

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