This report outlines the market trends and consumer behavior impacting the dairy and soy sector and what implications these may have on the industry’s future. It further explores the evolution of the market amid COVID-19, company performance, and news, as well as inspiring product and packaging innovation.

Growth in dairy and soy landscape will be significantly impacted by COVID-19. However, its appeal to health-conscious consumers will drive premiumization in the sector. The pandemic has further altered consumers’ lifestyles and what they seek when shopping for dairy and soy products, emphasizing consumer demands for high protein content and innovative plant-based ingredients making it essential for brands to understand these changes to accurately inform future strategy and decision-making.


  • Between 2021 and 2023, Africa is expected to see the largest value growth in the sector.
  • In the same period, Asia is expected to see the largest volume growth in the sector.
  • A quarter of global consumers claim to have bought more white milk products than usual amid the pandemic.

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