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Analysis of destination markets, infrastructure and attractions, as well as risks and opportunities in the East Africa region. This report explores the types of travelers that visit the region as well as a SWOT analysis. Kenya, Rwanda and Seychelles are looked into in detail.

Key Highlights

  • The most visited destination across the East Africa region, Mozambique attracted 2.2million tourists in 2019.
  • The promise of the ’Big Five’ are a major pull for inbound travelers. Kenya is renowned as a destination for the ultimate safari and with over 45 National Parks across the nation there is ample opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts, nature and adventure tourists.
  • The East Africa region attracted 12.1 million tourists in 2019 and is a bustling hub offering numerous opportunities for all tourist types. Benefitting from a mixture of both tangible and intangible attributes, three of its key tourism types relate to wildlife tourism, adventure travel and cultural tourism. All destinations across the nation are at different stages in terms of their tourism development and major destinations such as Kenya, Mozambique and Rwanda continue to attract higher tourist volumes, but less developed destinations have more potential as tourists’ desire to visit more remote destinations is growing.
  • One of the major weaknesses for East Africa’s tourism sector in the past has been a lack of sufficient infrastructure. This has not only hindered inbound tourism due to lack of international airports or appropriate facilities to hold inbound passengers at great capacity, but will have also affected both regional and domestic travel. GlobalData’s Tourism Construction Project database identifies that there are a series of projects and new developments currently underway to develop its tourism infrastructure.


  • This report is part of GlobalData’s Destination Market Insights Series. These reports provide an in-depth analysis of a tourist destination and its key source markets, as well as an assessment of the trends and issues in the covered destniantion market, in this case East Africa.

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