This report assesses the key themes that are transforming the insurance market right now, utilizing our thematic scoring methodology to identify which companies will do well in the market in the future - and the companies that will falter as a result of their lack of investment in the key insurance themes. In this report, we score over 30 of the world’s leading insurance companies against the 10 themes that are impacting their industry the most.

Our thematic scoring methodology is designed to identify tomorrow’s leaders rather than today’s incumbents, based on their competitive position in the most important themes impacting their industry. To do this, we score the world’s leading insurance companies against 10 themes that are impacting their industry the most. Our resulting thematic engine helps us identify the strongest and weakest players in the insurance sector over the next two years.


  • Ping An and Swiss Re are the strongest incumbent players in the insurance industry.
  • A number of insurtechs are poised to challenge incumbents over the coming years given their investments in key themes.
  • Coronavirus is the theme that will have the biggest impact on the insurance industry in the immediate future. The pandemic will also accelerate investments in other themes as companies look to adapt.

Reasons To Buy

  • Identify the key insurance themes for the next few years and learn how they will affect the market.
  • Adapt your strategy to anticipate and benefit from these themes as they play out.
  • Identify the future winners and losers in the insurance market to inform your partnership strategies.