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Key Findings
The global activated carbon market is anticipated to garner a CAGR of 8.05%, during the forecast years of 2019 to 2028. The region’s key market drivers include the surging demand for water purification, the thriving pharmaceutical and medical sectors, and the increased need for mercury control applications.

Market Insights
Activated carbon entails the processed form of porous carbon, produced from organic components with high carbon content, like coal, wood, and coconut shells. The activation procedure includes raw materials’ carbonization, followed by treating them with chemicals or oxygen. This results in the development of porosity, thereby leading to high absorption power. Moreover, activated carbon sorbents are customized for particular applications, primarily based on pore volume requirements and pore size.
Besides, the growing demand for activated carbon for mercury control has augmented the global activated carbon market growth. Numerous market vendors have further improved their portfolio, and added products like powdered activated carbon. As a result, this aids industrial air purification by eliminating mercury.

Regional Insights
The global activated carbon market growth is assessed by analyzing North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. The Asia Pacific’s market is projected to observe swift growth during the forecast years owing to the growing need for applications such as water treatment. Moreover, the presence of low-cost vendors in the region is also anticipated to contribute to larger export volumes. With rapid industrialization in developing countries, activated carbon’s utility for diverse applications, like mercury control and air purification, is rising.
Thus, such factors are attributed to the Asia Pacific being the fastest-growing and dominating region, across the global activated carbon market.

Competitive Insights
The global activated carbon market is fragmented among local players, and consolidated among key players. Additionally, all enterprises compete based on technology, price, product features, and offerings through numerous competitive strategies. Thus, the industrial rivalry is anticipated to be high, over the forecast years. Some of the eminent enterprises operating in the market are, Calgon Carbon Corporation, Osaka Gas Chemicals, Cabot Corporation, Haycarb Pvt Ltd, Kuraray Corporation, etc.
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