This research study focuses on the Indian space industry. End-user scope includes all companies related to space industry?Indian or those interested in understanding the Indian space industry.

The Indian space industry is predominantly driven by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), the country’s government space agency. Private participants in the industry have been part of the supplier base for ISRO. However, the industry landscape is changing, with the entry of new commercial participants such as Agnikul Cosmos, Skyroot Aerospace, and Vesta Space Technology. The new entrants are looking to address both local and global opportunities and have successfully raised initial rounds of investments for product development. A key challenge faced by the industry is the absence of a national space policy for space transportation. The policies for earth observation and communications also pose challenges for the commercial space industry and need to be addressed in the new space policy. However, current opportunities for the Indian industry players is by the demand generated locally by ISRO will be outsourcing the production of satellites and launch vehicles and focus on development, in addition to the demand from the global space industry in small satellites, launch services, and downstream services.

Key Issues Addressed

  • How is the Indian space industry landscape?
  • What is the revenue forecast for Indian launch services from 2020 to 2040?
  • What is the launch demand in terms of number of satellites from India for the forecast period?
  • What are the key application areas and what is the role of the Indian space industry participants?
  • What are the key policy requirements for SATCOM and Earth observation services and the implications of the current policy on the commercial downstream service providers?
  • What are the key international partnerships of India with other countries for co-operation in space?