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In June 2019, Equinor entered into three-year agreement as a digital futures partner of Aberdeen Science Centre to support digital transformation and STEM education.

In 2018, Equinor introduced Digital Academy, which focuses on training its workforce on digital technologies such as AI, data, data science, machine learning, programming, and cybersecurity helping them enhance their core skills.

In 2018, Equinor in collaboration with DNV GL and Telenor established a Norwegian Open AI Lab in Norway, which is focused on research and development of technology solutions powered by big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for corporate and industrial partners. It will also support entrepreneurs in artificial intelligence.

Equinor has launched an accelerator program in 2018, in collaboration with TechStars and partners Kongsberg and Capgemini to develop innovative solutions in the oil and gas domain, create new business models, and enable digitalization.

In 2017, Equinor launched a digital center of excellence, which focuses on handling digitization efforts across the company through six digital programs: safety, security and sustainability, subsurface analytics, next- generation drilling and wells, field of the future, data-driven operations, and commercial insight; and three enablers: Digitalization of work processes, advanced analytics, and robotics.

The report provides information and insights into Equinor’s tech activities, including -

  • Insights of its digital transformation strategies and accelerator programs & innovation centers
  • Overview of technology initiatives covering partnerships and product launches
  • Insights on each technology initiative including technology theme, objective, and benefits
  • Details of estimated ICT budgets and major ICT contracts


  • Equinor is strengthening its focus on the use of innovative technologies to improve productivity, operational efficiency, and reducing downtime.

Cloud, AI, machine learning, blockchain, big data, IoT, and robotics are among the technologies the company is focusing on.

  • Equinor is exploring the use of digital twin, a virtual model of unmanned production facilities that enables onshore users to explore offshore assets, and help Equinor in remote operation and management of its unmanned offshore fields. Equinor is tapping into innovative technologies including IoT, robotics, AI, and data science, which helps automating drilling operations and inspection of oilfields.
  • Equinor deployed various risk management solutions to mitigate business risks related to operations, security, finances, production and exploration, information systems breaches, commodity pricing forecasts, geopolitical, and data security.
  • Equinor has a strong data strategy and is investing in technologies like AI and analytics to drive digital transformation in the organization. In 2020, Equinor plans to invest around a quarter billion dollars in digital technology to improve its operational capabilities.

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