The proportion of HNW individuals who invest offshore has been on the rise despite the scandals that have shaken the industry. While the reasons are diverse and differ from country to country, an expectation of better returns abroad, international business interests, and local political and economic instability top the list. However, we are seeing notable differences between regions, suggesting that one strategy does not fit all. For example, tax efficiencies as a driver for offshore investments are of particular importance in Europe and North America. This means assisting HNW investors in minimizing their tax liabilities is key in these regions. Meanwhile, in Asia Pacific business interests are a significant driver, so a well-designed business and investment banking proposition neatly integrated with standard private banking services is a must.

This report draws on our 2018 and 2019 Global Wealth Managers Surveys to analyze the drivers behind offshore investments in the HNW space. It examines and contrasts offshore HNW investment preferences across 27 jurisdictions, providing readers with an in-depth understanding of what is motivating HNW investors to look for new homes for their wealth.


  • At a global level, 32.5% of HNW wealth is invested outside one’s country of residence.
  • North American investors offshore the largest proportion of their wealth to achieve tax efficiencies (19%), but only 62% of European providers are able to advise clients on the taxation of their international assets.
  • 32% of global HNW wealth is held via equities, 15% via bonds, and 18% via property.
  • Economic and political instabilities are driving 16% of global HNW wealth offshore.
  • Political and economic uncertainties as an offshore driver are becoming more important, now accounting for 13% of offshore investments.

Reasons To Buy

  • Understand the global trends that are driving offshore investments in the HNW space.
  • Compare how HNW offshore investment drivers differ across 27 countries.
  • Learn why certain HNW offshore drivers are more relevant in some countries than in others and how this affects your business.
  • Understand how to react to the constantly changing tax environment and adjust your offshore proposition accordingly.
  • Learn how political and economic instability affects client preferences and how global markets shape investment behavior in the HNW space.