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The era to determine the success of a force in a combat has shifted from the quantity of troops to quality of assets. The success of the modern-day warfare revolves around intelligence, information and support system and the Special Mission aircraft bridges the above said gaps. The special mission aircraft fleet that were deployed across various missions in the Middle East conflict are a clear example of its importance. It also optimizes the utilization of time critical assets like the fighter aircraft.

The total market is estimated at around USD 20.5 Billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to grow to USD 30.7 Billion in 2028 at a CAGR of around 4.6%. The fastest growing segment is expected to be the Unmanned Platforms market, this market is expected to experience double digit CAGR. The Tanker or the Aerial Refueler segment is to account to more than one- third of the segment, according to this study.

The study period of the report titled “Global Special Mission Aircraft Market” is 2018-2028, however the forecast period is between 2020-2028. The scope of the report are the following:
  • The report covers the top platforms (model wise) across the nine key segments of the market. These segments are based on the role the platforms can perform.
  • To current market overview chapter focuses on the US defense allocation towards the Special Mission Aircraft market.
  • A detailed PEST analysis to understand the Political, Economic, Social and Technology in the Global Special Mission Aircraft Market.
  • The Market Attractiveness of this market is analyzed in the Porter’s Five forces.
  • The country analysis covers the special mission aircraft fleet across the top 15 defense spenders.
  • The technologies chapter covers the key technologies that are expected to impact this market in the forecast period.
  • The market forecast chapter also covers the upgrades market, which is further segmented into region wise.
  • The market opportunity chapter highlights the key areas which are expected to create higher market opportunities for the stakeholders in this market.
  • The Events Based Forecast chapter covers the major scenarios which could affect the forecast in this market.

Segmentation covered in this report
The market is segmented based on Market, Region, Components, Role and Propulsion

By Role
  • Tankers
  • Reconnaissance
  • AEW
  • SAR
  • EW
  • Communication
  • MPA
  • Others

Region Wise Segmentation:
  • North America
  • Europe
  • APAC
  • Middle East
  • ROW

By Engine Type
  • Jet Engine
  • Propeller Type

By Fitment
  • New Order
  • Upgrade

Reasons to buy
  • The report titled “Global Special Mission Aircraft Market” would help the stakeholders to understand the current trends and the future trends which are expected to affect this market.
  • The key developments in the Special Mission Aircraft Market are covered in the Market Overview Chapter.
  • The PEST analysis and the Porter’s Five forces analysis helps the readers to understand the impact of Political, Economic, Social and Technology impacts on this market and the overall market attractiveness.
  • The country Analysis chapter covers the fleet inventory and orders across the top 15 defense spenders, these account to nearly 75%- 80% of the overall fleet.
  • The market forecast chapter helps the readers to understand the future market potential across four of the key segments which are region, role, engine type and fitment.
  • The Events Based Forecast chapter complements the Market Forecast chapter by taking into consideration all possible factors which could affect the forecasted value and also its possible impacts.
  • The report would be of help to potential investors who would be able to use this report for financial modelling. The Opportunity Analysis section of the report provides key inputs on the high potential markets.
  • The company profiles section covers the key financials, recent contracts, SWOT, recent projects completed of the key players in this market.

Who is this report for?
  • Top Management: The top management teams of companies working within the Special Mission Aircraft Market could use this report for their long-term planning.
  • Designers: The platform designers could use this report to understand the key technologies which are expected to affect this market during the forecast period.
  • Department of Defense: The Defense Departments could use this report to understand the key dynamics in this market.
  • Research and Development: The R&D teams could use this report to understand the various market dynamics This would help them to choose the future projects in this market.
  • Investors: The report would be of help to both individual investors and institutional investors who are considering investments in this market.
  • Suppliers: The suppliers in this market could use this report to plan their production over the next few years.