Maybank is a leading financial services provider that offers a range of personal banking, wholesale banking, investment banking, private banking, online banking, and insurance products and services. Its personal and wholesale banking product and service portfolio includes mortgage, car, and personal loans; debit and credit cards; savings, current, cash, and Islamic accounts; trade finance; custody and clearing services; personal accident plans; and share margin financing. It also provides wealth management and treasury services and takaful insurance products.

This report provides insights into Maybank’s digital transformation strategies, accelerator programs, and innovation centers. It also gives an overview of its technology initiatives, covering partnerships and product launches, as well as insights on each technology initiative including technology theme, objective, and benefits. In addition, the report includes details of the company’s estimated ICT budgets and major ICT contracts.


  • Maybank has not made any external technology investments and is adopting an organic approach to bring about its digital transformation. It is collaborating with disruptive technology companies and developing in-house technological expertise.
  • Maybank is helping disruptive businesses develop innovative solutions through its independent accelerator programs and innovation centers, as well as by partnering with other technology accelerators.
  • Maybank is predominantly exploring and utilizing e-commerce, AI, mobile, cloud, blockchain, and alternative reality to provide innovative products to its customers, achieve operational efficiencies, and expand its network of payment channels.

Reasons To Buy

  • Gain insight into Maybank’s fintech strategies and innovation initiatives.
  • Discover which technology themes are under the company’s focus.
  • Learn about its fintech operations, including product launches and partnership strategies.