Wearables have the potential to transform healthcare through the ability to remotely measure and analyse patient data in real-time. In addition to health and wellness, they have their greatest potential in healthcare to address spiralling healthcare costs, aging populations, and the burden of chronic disease across the globe.
The integration of wearable tech with augmented reality (AR), Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud computing solutions, as well as the falling prices of sensors, open-source application programming interfaces (APIs), frameworks, and libraries, is enabling faster and more cost-effective solutions within the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.
This report provides an assessment of the key technological, regulatory, and macroeconomic themes impacting how wearable technologies are being used in healthcare today, and how wearables are expected to affect the healthcare sector within the next five to ten years.


  • GlobalData’s Wearable Technology in Healthcare report combines primary research from a cross-specialty panel of experts with in-house analyst expertise to provide an assessment of the wearbles development landscape.
  • Components of the report include -
  • Key Players ?the big players in the wearables industry and where they sit in the value chain.
  • Trends in the Wearables Industry ? key trends driving the wearables industry classified into four key categories: wearables use case trends, wearables technology themes, wearables macroeconomic themes and wearables regulatory themes
  • Industry Analysis and Impact of Wearables in Healthcare ? key warbles applications in the healthcare industry including case studies demonstrating how healthcare companies are using wearables for improved outcomes.
  • Value Chain - the wearables applications in the healthcare industry, highlighting the market drivers and barriers

Reasons To Buy

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