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The content of this report will be updated with the latest scenarios based on the global COVID-19 Pandemic


The "All year gifting - Cards & Gift Wrap, 2019", report forms part of GlobalData’s Retail Occasions series, and offers a comprehensive insight into the consumer dynamics and spending habits of consumers for year-round gifting. The report analyses the major players, the main trends, and consumer attitudes.

For the majority of occasions, more consumers believe that a card should be given than those who believe a gift should be given. However, more consumers think they should buy gifts than cards for a new baby and weddings.

More consumers are becoming concerned about the environmental impact of greetings cards, especially those aged 16-34, due to the disposable nature of cards and wrap.


  • Card Factory is perceived as the best retailer for promoting deals of all year gifting products, as it has expandad into non-card products at low prices appealing to shoppers looking for value for money.
  • Personalisation levels have seemingly plateaued with 20.9% of consumers having purchased a personalised card, down 0.5 ppts on 2018.

Reasons To Buy

  • Use our in-depth consumer insight to learn which areas within all year gifting (cards & gift wrap) are most important to ensure that product offerings are catering to the needs and wants of customers - for example whether consumers believe they should give a card and/or gift for a certain occasion.
  • Understand what drives consumers to choose a retailer for their purchases for certain occasions, such as quality of products, prices and the importance of card & gift wrap ranges in order to maximise sales potential.
  • Use our in-depth analysis of the leading retailers for all year gifting (cards & gift wrap) in order to understand how to appeal shoppers and maximise market share.