Lloyds Banking Group has launched several in-house innovation initiatives to support its digital transformation strategy. The initiatives enable the bank to develop new ideas individually or in collaboration with other players in the fintech landscape.

Lloyds Banking Group is collaborating with various fintech startups and technology developers that enable it to provide customer-centric solutions.

Lloyds is gaining access to disruptive technologies by investing and partnering with external accelerators and incubators that identify and provide mentorship to insurtech and fintech startups.

The report provides information and insights into Lloyds’s fintech activities, including -

  • Insights into its digital transformation strategy.
  • An overview of technology initiatives covering investment, partnerships, and product launches.
  • Insight on each technology initiative including objective and and benefits.
  • Details of estimated ICT budgets and major ICT contracts.


  • In 2018, Lloyds announced a three-year commitment to invest $4.1bn in developing innovative fintech solutions and becoming a digitized bank.
  • In collaboration with Startupbootcamp, Lloyds has supported 29 companies through the FinTech London program and 30 companies through the InsurTech London program.
  • Cloud, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, mobile, and e-commerce are the key technologies the company is focusing on.

Reasons To Buy

  • Gain insight into Lloyds’s technology initiatives.
  • Gain insight into its technology themes under focus.
  • Gain insight into the various product launches, investments, and partnership strategies deployed by the group.