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Globally, 2.2 billion tonnes (bnt) of iron ore was produced in 2017 - an increase of 3.2% compared to the previous year. Australia, Brazil, India, China, and Russia were the world’s five largest producers of iron ore, collectively accounting for 87.5% of global iron ore production. Global production is expected to post a moderate forecast-period (2018-2022) compound annual growth rate (CAGR). This will be supported by output growth from Asian countries.

Australia had the world’s largest crude ore reserves and iron content, with the country accounting for 29.4% of the global total. Russia stood second, followed by Brazil, China, India and others (25.2%).

Global iron ore consumption was up by 3.8% compared with 2016 in 2017- supported by increases in crude steel production. China, Japan, India, Russia and South Korea were the top five iron ore consuming countries. In 2017, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Canada and Ukraine were the top five exporters of iron ore, while China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, and the France were its top five importers.

"Global Iron Ore Mining to 2022", provides a comprehensive coverage on global iron ore industry. It provides historical and forecast data on iron ore production by country, grade, iron ore reserves, consumption to 2022. The trade section also provides information on major exporters and importers.

The report also includes a demand drivers section providing information on factors that are affecting the global iron ore industry. It further provides mines and projects count by company by status, profiles of major iron ore producers, information on the major active, planned and exploration projects by region.


  • The report contains an overview of global iron ore mining industry inlcuding key demand driving factors affecting the global iron ore mining industry.
  • It provides detailed information on reserves, reserves by country, production, production by country, major operating mines, competitive landscape, major exploration and development projects, consumption, and major exportes and importers.

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