Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that operates on peer-to-peer networks to facilitate transaction processing while reducing redundancies arising out of duplication, mismatching, and other accounting errors. The oil and gas industry has traditionally relied on paper-based transaction processing that is error-prone and bound to create inefficiencies leading to operational losses. Oil and gas companies have started adapting blockchain technology to suit their business workflow requirements in order to improve efficiency and target lower operational costs.


  • The report provides impact of blockchain on the oil & gas industry.
  • The report discusses how oil and gas industry is evolving itself to deploy blockchain within its operations.
  • The report analyses how blockchain has the potential to drastically alter the workflow in the oil and gas industry and provide efficiency gains for the companies within the ecosystem.
  • The report further highlights the importance of transaction processing in the day-to-day operations of oil and gas industry and how blockchain can help in revolutionizing the entire transaction processing process.

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  • To understand the emerging trends and applications for blockchain in the oil and gas industry.
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