Anesthesia endotracheal tubes are a type of catheter inserted in the trachea during endotracheal intubation to produce an anesthesia effect by introducing gaseous mixture through a tube. There are two types of endotracheal tubes for anesthesia management- the orotracheal tube and the nasotracheal tube. The nasotracheal tube is embedded through the nose into the trachea and the orotracheal tube is embedded through the mouth into the trachea.

Geriatric population is highly susceptible to diseases and thus, account for a large proportion of the global patient population. According to United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division, the global population aged 60 & above increased by 68% in urban areas and by 25% in the rural areas between 2000 and 2015. This rise in geriatric population scenario is shaping favorably for sustained growth of anesthesia endotracheal tube market over the following decade.

Furthermore, the rise in surgical procedures and increasing accident and trauma cases serve as the driving factor for the growth of the market. According to World Health Organization, around 266.2 to 359.5 million surgeries were performed in 2012, which represents a 38% increase over the previous 8 years. These procedures involve the use of anesthesia in various orthopedic, cardiovascular, respiratory, neurology, and cosmetics-related procedures. This will lead to increasing demand for anesthesia disposable devices such as anesthesia endotracheal tubes.

Moreover, replacement of non-coated endotracheal tubes with coated endotracheal tubes by various manufacturers to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) infections, which caused due to the growth of microorganism on the surface of air management devices, thereby causing illness is also contributes to a significant growth of the anesthesia endotracheal tubes market.

Key features of the study:

  • This report provides in-depth analysis of the anesthesia endotracheal tube market, market size (US$ Mn) and cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR (%)) for the forecast period: 2018 – 2026, considering 2017 as the base year
  • It elucidates potential revenue opportunity across different segments and explains attractive investment proposition matrix for this market
  • This study also provides key insights about market drivers, restraints, opportunities, new product launches or approval, market trends, regional outlook, and competitive strategies adopted by the leading players
  • It profiles leading players in the global anesthesia endotracheal tube market based on the following parameters – company overview, financial performance, product portfolio, geographical presence, distribution strategies, key developments, and strategies
  • Key players covered as a part of this study include Medtronic Plc, General Electric Company, C. R. Bard, Inc., ConvaTec Group plc, Smith Medical, Inc., KindWell Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd, Royax, Fuji Systems Corp., Teleflex Incorporated., Neurovision Medical Products and Intersurgical GmbH
  • Insights from this report would allow marketers and management authorities of companies to make informed decision with respect to their future product launch, governmental initiatives, technological up-gradation, market expansion, and marketing tactics
  • The global anesthesia endotracheal tube market report caters to various stakeholders in this industry, including investors, product manufacturers, distributors and suppliers for anesthesia endotracheal tube market, research and consulting firms, new entrants, and financial analysts