Self Driving Car is also called Autonomous Driving Car. Global Self Driving Car market is expected to surpass US$ 300 Billion by the end of year 2030. Rising road accidents is one of the significant driving factors for self driving technology giant to create an ecosystem of safe and efficient transportation systems. In addition, self driving car reduce fuel consumption, cost of insurance and congestion to the great extent. Litigation, consumer acceptance and perception are big hurdle for self driving car.

Market Insights, Types of Self Driving Car (L3, L4 & L5)
Self driving car would come up with different level of driving like semi-autonomous and fully autonomous. In this report we have taken the market and volume of three level of driving. Level 3 is considered as a semi-autonomous which has several features like highway driving, nose-to-tail traffic, parking assistance and much more extension. Level 4 would come up with everything that driver do, it only intervene some point of time during emergency and system failure. In level 5 driving, there is no need of human interference at any point of time. The Renub Research report provides (L3, L4 & L5) cars market and numbers for each region (America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa) independently.

Region Wise - America will have Highest Market Share
In this report, we have categorized the self driving car market into region wise; America, Europe Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific. America is one of fast mover and adopting self driving technology with rapid pace. Moreover Asia Pacific is also known for large potential consumer base market which is also adopting technology to the large extent.

Market Insights, Technology Wise; Hardware and Software Components
In this report as per Renub Research analysis, we have categorized self driving technology market by hardware and software components. Hardware components includes market of; LIDAR Market, Radar Market, Cameras Market, Actuators Market, Embedded Modem Market, Embedded Controls Hardware Market, Passive Components Market, Other Electronics & Architecture Market, Odometry Sensors Market, Ultrasonic Sensors Market, V2X Hardware Market, Mapping Hardware Market and HMI Hardware Market. Again we have categorized the market on basis of software components; V2X Software Market, Embedded Controls Software Market, Mapping Software Market, Data Security Software Market and HMI Software Market.

Renub Research report titled "Self Driving Car Market Global Forecast by Levels (L3, L4, L5) Hardware (LIDAR, Radar, Cameras, Actuators, Embedded Modem, Embedded Controls Hardware, Passive Components, Other Electronics & Architecture, Odometry Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, V2X Hardware, Mapping Hardware, HMI Hardware) Software (V2X Software, Embedded Controls Software, Mapping Software, Data Security Software, HMI Software) Regions (America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific), Companies (Google, Apple, Mercedes–Benz)" provides a detailed and comprehensive insight of the Global Self Driving Car Market.

Company Analysis

In this report, we had done analysis of top companies Google, Apple Mercedes–Benz and their milestone achieved during the journey of self driving car.

Hardware Components - Self Driving Technology Segments covered in the report are

2. Radar
3. Cameras
4. Actuators
5. Embedded Modem
6. Embedded Controls Hardware
7. Passive Components
8. Other Electronics & Architecture
9. Odometry Sensors
10. Ultrasonic Sensors
11. V2X Hardware
12. Mapping Hardware
13. HMI Hardware

Software Components - Self Driving Technology Segments covered in the report are

1. V2X Software
2. Embedded Controls Software
3. Mapping Software
4. Data Security Software
5. HMI Software

Region Wise - Self Driving Car Sales Opportunity covered in the report are as follows

1. America
2. EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa)
3. APAC (Asia Pacific)

Types (L3, L4 & L5) - Self Driving Car Market covered in the report are as follows

Semi-Autonomous Driving

  • Level 3

Autonomous Driving Car

  • Level 4
  • Level 5

Self Driving Car Companies covered in the report are as follows

1. Google
2. Apple
3. Mercedes–Benz