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Cloud-based Smart Robotics (Cloud Robotics) market is anticipated to exhibit fast-paced growth during the forecast period 2018-2023. In the recent years, there have been several new product launches in the market, and the cloud robotics market has undergone a paradigm shift on the technological aspect. Furthermore, the cost of cloud robotics platforms has also declined substantially which has resulted in a high return on the investment and cost-effective performance of these platforms. The demand for cloud robotics across several end-users has witnessed a significant rise in the recent years, and the trend is anticipated to continue in the next few years, owing to their high accuracy and declining cost. The rising number of end-users are moving towards automation across emerging nations and cloud robotics is gaining traction across multiple applications which is expected to open several new opportunities for the cloud robotics market in the years to come.

The major end-users where cloud robotics is used include industrial, commercial and consumer. Industrial end-user comprises of automotive, manufacturing, warehouse and logistics and others. Commercial end-user consists of agriculture, healthcare, retail, banking and others. Consumer sector includes entertainment, cleaning, personal care, education and others. Major business models in cloud robotics market are infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, and software-as-a-service.

The following points provide a concrete description of the report content and the topics covered in the report:

  • This report identifies the cloud robotics market in different segments such as business model, deployment model, end-user and geography.
  • The study includes the market analysis and forecast of the global cloud robotics market from 2018 to 2023 in terms of value. The report also highlights the year-on-year growth of the market.
  • The study talks about the prime supply-side factors affecting the growth of the market along with the current and future trends in the cloud robotics market.
  • The study also presents a detailed examination of the cloud robotics market along the lines of market drivers, restraints, growth opportunities, and challenges.
  • The study provides a detailed analysis of industry attractiveness through Porter’s Five Forces analysis.
  • The report also highlights the value chain of the overall cloud robotics industry.
  • Detailed competitive analysis has been included in this report which focuses on the key market developments & strategies, followed by the key players, in the market. Additionally, analysis of their position in the market is also provided.
  • The report also provides a detailed study of different end-users which are using cloud robotics, such as industrial, commercial and consumer.
  • In this report, various business models of cloud robotics market have also been studied. The business models include platform-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service and software-as-a-service.
  • The report also provides a detailed study of different deployment models used in cloud robotics market, such as public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud.
  • The cloud robotics market has been analyzed for all the geographies including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest-of-the-World and further analysis with respect to several major countries.
  • The key market players are analyzed and profiled in detail in the Company Profiles section of the report. This section covers the business financials, company snapshots, key products & services, major developments, and finally, the individual SWOT analysis.