This KOL Insight briefing provides an update on novel candidates in development for Lupus.

The briefing includes analysis of KOL opinion on the following topic areas -

  • Atacicept’s efficacy data in SLE
  • Atacicept’s flare data in SLE
  • Patients most suitable for atacicept treatment
  • Targeting the IgE pathway in lupus
  • Omalizumab’sefficacy data in SLE
  • Omalizumab’ssafety data in SLE
  • Lupuzor’s Phase III efficacy data
  • Impact of lupuzor’s Phase III data on existing opinion of lupuzor
  • Lupuzor’s Phase III safety data in SLE
  • Anticipated future use of lupuzor in clinical practice

Key Highlights

  • Most KOLs had a positive opinion of atacicept’s efficacy in SLE despite failure to achieve its primary endpoint of SRI-4 in the ITT population
  • KOL opinions were divided in terms of targeting the IgE pathway in lupus, with some unaware of any scientific rationale behind it
  • Most KOLs were disappointed by lupuzor’s Phase III efficacy data but were not surprised by the high placebo response rate observed in the trial.


  • The insight briefing is based on Sociable Pharma’s analysis of primary research with our lupus key opinion leaders (KOLs)
  • In total, we conducted interviews with 10 KOLs: Five Europe-based & fuve US-based
  • Interviews performed in Q2 2018
  • KOL data is analyzed to produce: Charts summarizing KOL opinions
  • Chart call-outs of key information & details
  • KOL quotes
  • Summary of KOL reporting trends
  • Insight from Sociable Pharma’s analysts.

Reasons To Buy

  • Combines Qualitative & semi-quantitative insight from key opinion leaders on "Novel Candidates in Development for Lupus"
  • Includes insight & recommendations from our disease-specific healthcare analysts
  • Utilizes independent expert viewpoints to validate the impact of new clinical data & emerging trends on management of Lupus
  • Provides cost-effective support for your advisory boards, with topics acting as a catalyst for further expert discussion.