The financial service sector has seen drastic technology-led changes over the past few years and the changes which are about to come in three to four years down the line may change the complete face of this sector. Gone were the days when transactions takes time and are filled with uncertainties now with the improved technology and arrival of totally new concept such as Blockchain will reduce uncertainties to zero and maintain a firm data base of all the changes made by a firm or an individual. Digitalization has lowered the cost made services better and introduced seamless experience in this sector and also increased the accessibility to wide range of customers.

The report comprises of following technological innovations in this sector
• Inclusion of new business models in FinTech
• Impact of Blockchain in current system and its evolution in coming years
• Digitalization as the central part in technological revolution
• Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Finance
• Big data & NLP in Finance
• Automation(RPA) in finance service sector
• Cloud computing in finance service sector
• Cybersecurity