Description of the Report
Saudi Arabia oil storage industry report is a complete study focusing on oil, chemicals and petroleum products storage infrastructure, demand and near to long term future of Saudi Arabia market.

Demand for both crude oil and refined products in witnessing strong growth across Saudi Arabia. "In particular, with fluctuations in oil and product prices, countries are developing adequate storage facilities. In addition, government is also assessing strategic petroleum reserves and supply options. Surge in economic activity and growth in construction and transportation demand are driving demand for petroleum products in the country. New storage construction activities are also likely to witness significant progress over the near term future.

New petroleum product consumption mix is emerging in Saudi Arabia, forcing traders and refiners to equip adequate storage facilities for uninterrupted and efficient supply chain system. In this context, the leading industry publisher has released its 10th version of “Saudi Arabia Long-term Oil Storage outlook report”, offering analysis on Saudi Arabia midstream oil and gas markets. The Saudi Arabia oil storage report provides detailed insights into emerging market trends, new dynamics, shifting strategies and the future role of Saudi Arabia in global and regional storage markets.

The Saudi Arabia report is a comprehensive research work covering details of Saudi Arabia storage infrastructure, key operators, production, consumption and trading of major petroleum products, volumes and values, current and planned terminal details and competitive scenario. At the asset level, terminal wise capacity is forecast to 2022.

Details of all operational and planned oil, chemicals and product storage terminals in the country including start up, location, tanks, capacity, operator, commodity, owners and capex details are included in the research work. Further, terminal by terminal capacity outlook of each storage terminal is provided in the historic and forecast period.

The Saudi Arabia research work also presents detailed outlook of Saudi Arabia gasoline, diesel, LPG, fuel oil consumption and production, together with trends and challenges of investing in Saudi Arabia market. In addition, details of storage assets, prices are provided. Further, demographic, economic outlook of Saudi Arabia together with latest storage industry developments are covered in detail.

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