Ongoing initiatives by organizations to implement BYOD programs across the company is facilitating several employees of the organization. The employees can now use their personal devices for corporate purposes as well. The sales professional can access corporate data on-the-go without any delays and business related decisions are now being carried out swiftly. While there are innumerous advantages of using endpoint devices along with the Internet, on the other hand, business entities are finding it hard to protect their databases and other corporate resources from the cyber-attacks. As there is increased use of multiple devices, keeping a track and managing each and every devices is becoming a herculean task. Moreover, from the past incidents it has been proved that employee negligence or accidental revealing of access information or other similar has costed dearly for many of the businesses across the globe. Containing the ever increasing endpoint device attacks and at the same time providing quick access to corporate networks through these devices is the main challenge that many of the organizations are facing these days. And, presence and emergence of advanced forms of endpoint security solutions are proving to be the right answer to these underlying challenges.

Enterprise Endpoint Security solutions are the ones used exclusively to protect corporate endpoint devices and majorly includes software that is installed on a server side as well as client side (individual endpoint devices) in order to manage and ward off any potential data theft threats emerging from the viruses, malwares or similar other cyber-attacks.

While businesses have been using several individual security solutions like the anti-virus, anti-spyware and similar others. The efficiency and effectiveness of these solutions have been tested frequently and most of the time these solutions single handedly cannot face every threats or attacks. So, the security experts believe possession of individual solutions cannot solve the problems of cyber-attacks. Instead, they suggest that businesses should look towards comprehensive endpoint security solutions that can protect laptops, mobiles, tablets, servers and other endpoint devices Businesses are now moving towards wholesome endpoint security solutions which will continue to elevate the market in the coming years.

Endpoint security solutions are now being implemented both at the server side and also at the client side as the corporates are not ready to take even the slightest of the risks that would eventually harm their corporate IT resources. The market for enterprise endpoint security solutions is and shall continue to grow only if the solution provider companies come up with upgrades that can avoid complex attacks and also prove to be cost effective.

Several of the IT product based companies, Network Security companies, IT security companies and cloud service provider companies dominate the service provider market and many of the new start-up companies are also entering the arena by introduction of cloud based Enterprise Endpoint Security solutions.

Enterprise Endpoint Security Market Growing Steadily With growing frequency of attacks, solutions like Enterprise Endpoint Security is expected to flourish further. The introduction of cloud based solutions and also the existence of hardware based or virtual endpoint security solutions would also add to the growing market.

Asia-Pacific region set to record highest Adoption Rate While North America holds the maximum market share followed by the contribution from the European users, the startling adoption rate is expected to be recorded in the Asia-Pacific region. Those solution providers who possess vital market share in developed countries like the USA , Canada, UK, Germany, Japan and others, are now turning towards the Asia-Pacific market and especially concentrating on emerging economies like India.

Cloud based Enterprise Endpoint Security Solutions Gaining Traction As most of the large organizations have been using traditional endpoint security solutions, the market share for this solutions remains high. However, with businesses moving towards cloud and with the introduction of cloud based versions of endpoint security solutions, businesses, especially medium and small level companies are expected to extensively start adopting them. This is expected to provide the necessary boost to the cloud based endpoint security provider companies.

Enterprises are the major consumers, Financial Services are the top adopters.

Enterprises are the major consumers of these solutions as they are the most frequently targeted end-user segment of all. These businesses also consists of large number of employees who use Internet along with multiple devices to reach out to their customers. This has prompted them to adopt Endpoint security solutions which can reduce the risks associated.

Among the verticals, Financial Services companies have emerged as the major users of these solution. Many of banking, insurance and other finance related companies across the globe are facing innumerable attacks every day-in and day-out. To counter these, many of these businesses have been implementing these solutions. Businesses in this vertical are known to seek advanced forms of Endpoint Security solutions as well. Apart from this, other verticals that are emerging as the major consumers include Healthcare companies, public sector, retail and IT & Telecom industry.

The Underlying Challenges Despite adoption of enterprise endpoint security solutions, the miscreants are found to be one step ahead from the solution provider companies. As a result, the existing endpoint security solutions have failed to protect corporate resources from attacks. This has been the worrying factor to most of the businesses and the solution provider companies. In order to make sure that the businesses do not lose their faith on these solutions, the provider companies should constantly upgrade their security definitions and be up-to-date with their products. Many of the companies are working towards this and introduction of cloud based versions is a step towards making these solutions more feature rich and effective. While the research and development teams should be up on their toes with introduction of new solutions, the sales and marketing teams should look for penetrating new geographies with partner programs or similar others.