Bollore Logistics - Company Strategy & Performance Analysis


Bollore is a France-based logistics service provider, which operates through three segments: transportation and logistics, communications, and electricity storage and solutions. The group operates in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions. Bollore’s transportation and logistics segment operates through the Bollore Logistics and Bollore Africa Logistics divisions. Bollore Logistics provides services including multimodal transport, customs and regulatory compliance, logistics, global supply chain and industrial logistics services.
Bollore Africa Logistics offers services including port concessions operations, container terminals operations, port handling, tailored solutions, industrial solutions, consignment consolidations, forwarding, on site support services and on site materials management. The company operates three rail concessions in Africa: Sitarail, Camrail and Benirail.

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Key Highlights

Declining freight prices negatively affect Bollore Logistics’ top line
Bollore Logistics is Bollore Transport and Logistics’ freight forwarding and logistics business unit. The company provides multimodal transportation, customs and statutory compliance, logistics, global supply chain and industrial projects. Bollore Logistics’ revenue declined at 8.7% from US$3,733.6m in 2015 to US$3,410.6m in 2016. The decline is attributed to the lower freight prices from freight forwarding services due to competitive pricing. Bollore Logistics’ storage capacity increased from 748,000 m2 in 2015 to 913,000 m2 in 2016. This increase was driven by the initiatives undertaken by the company to extend or create logistics platforms, and to consolidate air and sea flows.

The decline in oil and raw material prices led to a decline in Bollore Africa Logistics’ revenue
Bollore Africa Logistics is a leading transportation and logistics player in Africa. The company provides services through transit and logistics and rail operations. Bollore Africa Logistics’ revenue declined at 12.1% from US$2,984.2m in 2015 to US$2,623.4m in 2016. The company’s container volumes were negatively affected by decline in mining and oil activities, and logistics and port activities, in countries such as Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Liberia, Chad, Angola, and Nigeria. A serious rail accident in Cameroon, the decline in hydrocarbon volumes to Chad (Camrail) and the suspension of the Benirail Project also affected the company’s revenue. Its storage capacity declined from 10,000,000 m2 in 2015 to 7,200,000 m2 in 2016.

Bollore Energy’s revenue declined
Bollore Energy is one of the major oil distribution and logistics players in France, Switzerland, and Germany. The company distributes oil products and petroleum. Bollore Energy’s revenue declined at 12.6% from US$2,484.6m in 2015 to US$2,172.4m in 2016. This decline is due to the lower prices and volumes of oil products. Bollore Energy has a storage capacity of 16,915 m2, which remained same over 2015 and 2016.


  • Company Snapshot - Details Bollore’s key indicators and rankings in terms of revenue, air freight volume, ocean containers and total warehouse space.
  • Company SWOT Analysis - Outlines Bollore’s strengths, weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats facing the company.
  • Growth Strategies - Provides an overview of Bollore’s corporate goals and strategic initiatives and evaluates their outcomes.
  • Company Performance and Competitive Landscape - Analyses the company’s performance by geographical segment and provides a peer comparison on parameters such as revenue and market share.
  • Key Developments - Showcases Bollore’s recent corporate events and initiatives.
  • ICT Spending Prediction - Details how the company allocates its ICT budget across the core areas of its business, specifically hardware, software, IT services, communications and consulting.

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