Key Findings
The Asia-Pacific automotive lead-acid battery market is projected to flourish at a CAGR of 4.97% between the years 2018-2026. The revenue generated by the market is predicted to reach $XX million by the end of this forecast period.

Market Insights
The automotive lead-acid battery market is categorized on the basis of end-users, customer segment, product, and types. China is a dominant market in the APAC region. However, India has seen a considerable rise in the recent years. This growth in the Indian market is propelled by the two-wheeler automotive segment. The huge investments made by the Indian government for road development projects in the rural and semi-urban areas has led to a rise in the sales of two-wheelers in the country. On the other hand, the lead-acid batteries in China are majorly finding their application in automotive starter storage batteries and electric bicycle power batteries. The market for the electric vehicles is on a constant rise for this region.

Competitive Insights
CSB Battery Company Ltd, Toshiba Corporation, Fengfan Co Ltd (China), Johnson Controls Inc, Nipress (Indonesia), East Penn Manufacturing, Exide Technologies Inc, B.B. Battery Co, Zibo Torch Energy Co Ltd, GS Yuasa Corporation, Crown Battery, Narada Power Source Co Ltd, C&D Technologies Inc and Northstar are few of the noted players in this market.