An integrated OR is an operating room that has an ergonomically designed and purposely built system that increases efficiency in order to reduce procedure time and improve surgery success rates. An integrated OR is also designed to include video, lighting, recording and information sharing equipment integrated via a central integration component. Equipment such as surgical lighting, surgical displays, picture archiving and communication system (PACS) monitors, surgical booms, surgical tables and insufflators are also regularly found inside ORs, and are therefore included as a part of the cost of a new, fully integrated OR setup. In addition, surgical camera systems and related equipment, such as light sources, surgical headlights, image capture devices and medical printers, are an integral part of a modern OR. Hybrid ORs are newer, specialized integrated ORs that feature large 8-megapixel UHD displays and a fixed imaging system that is often integrated to an advanced surgical table, which supports a variety of different procedures. As technology continues to be developed and new products are released, the market for video, high-tech and integrated ORs will continue to be dynamic and everchanging.