Improvements in speed and accuracy drive demand for molecular diagnostic tests for infectious disease.  Genetics advances create need for new diagnostics creating a  fast moving market driven by technical change.

The Molecular Diagnostics – Infectious Disease sector of the clinical diagnostics industry is poised for record growth.  A market that just keeps on growing.  In spite of the steady decline of disease prevalence, the diagnostic sector keeps growing.  Find out why in the informative report.

Infectious disease testing directly benefits from the explosion in biotechnology, especially genomics.  Learn all about it in this new report from Howe Sound Research. 

A range of dynamic trends are pushing market growth and company valuations.  Trends like ......
  • changing demographics
  • emerging economies and global prosperity
  • biotechnology advances in genetics
  • pathogen evolution
  • climate change
  • globalization
  • the rise of rapid testing
Exciting technical developments especially in the seesaw between sequencing and immunoassay, hold the promise of a dynamic, growing and evolving world market that holds the promise of diagnostics taking the lead in infectious disease eradication.