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Our "Global Executives Survey: The Future of New Packaging Materials", examines the role of current use of packaging materials in the global packaging industry. Furthermore, the report identifies the opportunities that are emerging for new packaging materials and whether manufacturers are willing to pay additional costs for new materials.

Executives identify that biodegradable materials will have the highest opportunities for new packaging materials as a result of their primary benefit of environmental friendliness. The packaging material’s development over the next five years will involve environment friendly materials that have enhanced shelf life and innovative techniques such as embossing and foiling, ease of recycling, and convenience. Furthermore, lowering costs and moving towards sustainability are the most important challenges when using materials such as flexibles, rigid plastics, and rigid metals. The report also highlights the benefits of new packaging materials, the additional costs manufacturers are willing to pay for the new packaging materials, and the sector projected to witness the most innovative new uses of materials in the next five years.

What else does this report offer?

  • Summary of opportunities: identifies most important packaging materials that are projected to offer ample opportunities for the packaging industry
  • Important challenges for packaging materials: recognizes the key challenges faced by packaging industry executives with regard to the current use of primary packaging materials
  • Primary benefits for new materials: highlights the importance of new packaging materials and their key benefits
  • Categories projected to witness innovative use of new materials: identifies key sectors projected to witness the most innovative new uses of materials in the next five years
  • Key regions for new material development: projects the most important regions likely to witness the most innovative new uses of materials in the next five years


  • Of respondents, 85% identified either high or medium-level opportunities for biodegradable materials
  • Moving towards sustainability is the most important challenge highlighted by executives who are using flexibles as their primary packaging material
  • Of respondents operating in North America, 47% highlight bio-derived polymers to have the highest opportunity among new packaging materials
  • Overall, 72% of respondents consider materials made from recycled materials are environmentally friendly
  • Food is projected to witness the most innovative new uses of materials in the next five years

Reasons To Buy

  • The report assists organizations to actively plan for investments in new packaging materials that are environment friendly
  • Helps organizations to explore opportunities that can be derived from new packaging materials and plan their investments accordingly
  • Benefits organizations to enhance their production processes and supply chain management by understanding the expenses involved and timeframe required for development and use of new packaging materials