Key Findings
The energy harvesting market in Asia Pacific region is propelling rapidly and is expected to hit $145.19 million by the year 2026. The market is growing at 11.91% of CAGR during the years 2018-2026. The increasing demand for safe and durable power source is driving the market in the region.

Market Insights
The energy harvesting market in the region is growing at a rapid pace and is expected to be the fastest growing region majorly due to the emerging countries like China, India, Japan, Australia, and rest of APAC. Some of the key applications of energy harvesting are in sectors like consumer electronics, construction and home automation, transportation, industrial, and defence and security.

Competitive Insights
Some of the companies dominating the market in APAC region include Green Teg, EnOceangmbh, Honeywell internationals Inc., Fujitsu Ltd, Texas instrument incorporated, Mouser Electronics, Inc., Arveni, and Laird technology,