Are you looking for a definitive report on automotive vehicle to everything (V2X) communications technologies?

You will receive a highly granular market analysis segmented by region, by subsector and by end use, providing you with that complete industry outlook, essential for your business strategy.

The reports assesses that Automotive V2X Communication Technologies are expected to reach 95.9 Million units In 2018.

Sector Profile
The automotive industry is undergoing a series of transitions, with the industry moving towards digitalization and connected mobility. There has been a significant rise in the use of electronics in the vehicles. The vehicles today have shifted from being a conventional vehicle to intelligent vehicles which are equipped with communication systems that alert or assist the driver with a potential accident. Moreover, the rising consumer demand for convenience features has enforced various OEMs to incorporate V2X communication systems. The implementation of the V2X communication will not only increase the safety aspect but will also provide an enhanced driving experience.

The 185 page report covers an overview of the overall market and various trials taking place in the V2X market, coupled with regional conclusions. Readers can expect to understand the difference between communication technologies, such as 802.11p and cellular, and benefit from analytical insights about the state of trials in different regions. They have also been provided with an assessment of OEMs offerings, supplier capabilities, and their respective product portfolios

Quantitative Market Analysis
• Global Automotive V2X Communications Forecasts From 2018-2028

• Regional Automotive V2X Communications Forecasts From 2018-2028 (Units)
• America V2X Communications Forecast 2018- 2028
• EMEA V2X Communications Forecast 2018- 2028
• APAC V2X Communications Forecast 2018- 2028

• Regional Automotive V2V Communications Forecasts From 2018-2028 (Units)
• America V2V Communications Forecast 2018- 2028
• EMEA V2V Communications Forecast 2018- 2028
• APAC V2V Communications Forecast 2018- 2028

• Automotive V2X Subsegment Forecasts By Type From 2018-2028 (Units)

• Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Forecast 2018-2028 (Units)

• DSRC V2V Modules Revenue Forecast 2018-2028 ($m)
• OEM V2V DSRC Modules Forecast 2018-2028
• Aftermarket V2V DSRC Modules Forecast 2018-2028

• Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) Forecast 2018-2028 (Units)

• Vehicle To Home (V2H) Forecast 2018-2028 (Units)

• In Vehicle (IN-V), Forecast 2018-2028 (Units)

• In Vehicle (IN-V) Revenue Forecast 2018-2028 ($m)
• Embedded Forecast 2018-2028
• Integrated Forecast 2018-2028
• Tethered Forecast 2018-2028

• In Vehicle (IN-V) Revenue Forecast By Service Provider From 2018-2028 ($m)
• OEM Forecast 2018-2028
• Aftermarket Forecast 2018-2028
• Telematics Forecast 2018-2028
• Connectivity Forecast 2018-2028

• DSRC Installation Forecast 2018-2028 (Units)

• Road Side Units (RSU) Forecast 2018-2028 (Units)

• Vehicle to Pedestrian (V2P) / DSRC Equipped Smartphones Forecast 2018-2028 (Units)

• Smartphone Shipments Forecast 2018-2028 (Units)

Qualitative Analysis
• SWOT Analysis Of The Automotive V2X Communications Market.

• Drivers And Restraints For Each Market Space

• Consideration Of Regulation, Policy And Legal Aspects

Competitive landscape analysis
• Analysis For The 5 Leading Automotive OEMS Involved With V2X Communications
• Daimler AG
• General Motors
• Toyota Motor Corporation
• Volkswagen Group

• Profiling For The Leading Automotive V2X Communications Technology Suppliers
• Arada Systems
• Autotalks Ltd.
• Cohda Wireless
• Delphi Automotive PLC
• Denso Corporation
• eTrans Systems
• Kapsch TrafficCom
• Qualcomm Incorporated
• Savari Inc.

Who should read this report?
• Automotive OEMs
• Tier 1 suppliers
• Electronic sensor manufacturers
• Component suppliers
• Hardware vendors
• Software developers
• Telecommunications companies
• Telematics providers
• Connected car developers
• Autonomous vehicle developers
• Battery electric vehicle companies
• Road infrastructure providers
• Technologists
• R&D staff
• NPD specialists
• Consultants
• Senior executives
• Business development managers
• Heads of strategic development
• Marketing staff
• Market analysts
• Procurement staff
• Banks
• investors
• Industry associations
• Regulators
• Governmental departments & agencies