Platforms are a critical part in the IoT ecosystem as they enable a common framework for different stakeholders to use. For companies looking to utilize IoT to improve their products and services, the platforms are an essential medium to access data and insights, and run applications. Advanced technologies further add value to the platform services. Given the impact, a number of companies offer different versions of IoT platforms. The crowded marketplace creates confusion for enterprise users that are looking to augment their own business offerings with IoT platforms.

This report discusses the value proposition of IoT platforms, the different types of IoT platforms, and their providers, with illustrations to helps readers understand the myriad applications and benefits.

The key objectives of the report are:
• Enable better understanding of the IoT ecosystem and the industry participants
• Discuss different types of IoT platforms and the trends in the market
• Discuss use of IoT platforms by different verticals
• Discuss the impact of advanced technologies on IoT platforms
• Discuss innovations in the industry

Shared economy and connected devices have made big data ubiquitous, and analytics has improved the outcomes of data analysis. To ensure that the all the available data is utilized to come up with insights, it is important that various components of the ecosystem are able to work together and different users can make use of the same data for relevant outcomes. With many large companies offering IoT platforms, the key to success is to offer a strong ecosystem to the customers so that they can make utilize services and tools to improve their own products and services in turn. Some of the technologies that contribute to enhancing the IoT platforms offerings include cloud, data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The report discusses how IoT platform providers are able to improve their offerings by working with companies offering advanced technologies. Given that cybersecurity is one of the key issues, IoT platform providers focus on enhancing their security even as they offer a scalable solution. Companies not only work with start-ups, they also work with others in the ecosystem to create collaborations that are mutually beneficial and also impact the customers.

Some of the key questions that the study answers are:
• What are the different types of IoT platforms?
• How do platforms impact the IoT ecosystem?
• What are the drivers that will encourage adoption of IoT platforms?
• What are the restraining factors that may impact the growth of IoT platforms?
• What are the growth opportunities for IoT platforms?