in a controlled manner to provide long-lasting effects. With the demand for nutrition providing foods and customized products that provide different flavor and fragrance profiles, new developments in delivery technologies are expected in future.

This research service titled “Breakthrough Delivery Technologies for Flavors and Fragrances” focuses on capturing recent innovations and developments with regard to encapsulation technologies used for delivery of flavors and fragrances. This research service includes a holistic analysis of the different processes used, which includes their technical capabilities, limitation factors affecting their adoption, and key stakeholders involved in technology adoption. Insights are provided on the road ahead for technology developers in this space. The encapsulation processes considered are segmented on the basis of the methods used, namely, physical, physio-chemical, and chemical processes. Only processes used for encapsulating flavor and fragrance compounds have been considered within the scope of this research. In brief, this research service provides:

A brief snapshot of encapsulation delivery technologies, highlighting the advantageous properties provided. The application landscape for flavor and fragrance encapsulation technologies, and their market segmentation. An overview of key drivers and challenges that impact the widespread adoption of the technology. The technology capability of various existing and emerging encapsulation technologies. Mapping of different core and carrier materials to encapsulation technology used for various end-use applications. Key stakeholder developments across the globe and their significance to the encapsulation industry. Analysis of research and development (R&D) scenario, funding initiatives and collaboration initiatives across North America (NA), Europe, and Asia-pacific (APAC). Patent analysis and trends observed among granted patents. Insights into the road ahead for encapsulation technologies and materials used. Growth opportunities present and critical strategies to be implemented by companies to succeed in the industry.