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By 2024, United States molecular diagnostics market is expected to cross US$ 9 billion. Main factors pouring the growth of molecular diagnostics market are increased incidence of infectious diseases and different types of cancer. On the other hand, advancement of new technologies in the field of medicine and research fuels the molecular diagnostics market.

A diagnosis based on symptoms and use of substitute markers is replaced by the genomic and the proteomic analysis. Molecular diagnostics system is one of the promising systems which can transform disease diagnosis. It offers the assurance for early disease detection, potentially before symptoms have even occurred.

Molecular oncology tests have emerged as a substantial market segment. Today in the field of medical diagnostics, molecular diagnostics for cancer testing offers one of the key areas for innovation and expansion. The United States leads the regional market for blood screening and blood products. Molecular diagnostics is also a significant tool for Food Pathogen Detection Testing and HLA Testing as well as other diseases.

United State Molecular Diagnostics Market Analysis

United States molecular diagnostics market has been classified into three main categories: Oncology Test, Infectious Disease Test and Genetic Disease Test. Oncology Test has been classified into four main categories: Breast Cancer Test, Colorectal Cancer Test, Prostate Cancer Test and Other Cancer Test. Infectious Disease Test has been classified into four main categories, namely, Virology, HAI, HPV and Critical Care Test and Genetic Test has been segmented into Blood Screening, HLA and Food Pathogen Test.

United State Molecular Diagnostics Market Shares: Overview

According to this report, In the United States Molecular Diagnostics Market, Infectious Test market and the Oncology Test both have a significant market. In Molecular Oncology Test market; Breast cancer is dominating the market while in Molecular Infectious test market; Virology leads all other segments. In the area of Tests Volume; Genetics test drives all way ahead from Infectious and Oncology Test owing to Food Pathogen Test Volume.

Key Players in the United State Molecular Diagnostics Market

This report describes the players and in- depth analysis of these players, the players who played a very vital role in the development of molecular diagnostics in the United State are Roche, Hologic, Becton Dickinson, Myraid Genetics, Qiagen, Abbott, Siemens, bioM?rieux and Cepheid.

Renub Research study titled “United States Molecular Diagnostics Market, Test Volume Forecast & Companies: Oncology Test (Breast, Colorectal, Prostate) Infectious Diseases Test (Virology, HPV, HAI, Critical Care) Genetic Test (Blood Screening, Food Pathogen, Tissue Typing HLA)” provides a comprehensive assessment of the fast–evolving, high–growth United States Molecular Diagnostics Market. This is the 2nd edition of the report published by Renub Research.

This 146 page report with 87 Figures and 4 Tables studies the United States Molecular Diagnostics from 4 view points:

1) Molecular Diagnostics Market and Forecast
2) Segments Market & Forecast
3) Segments Test Volume & Forecast
4) Company Molecular Diagnostics Sales & Forecast

United States Molecular Diagnostics Market & Test Volume – Application Segment Analysis (2010 – 2024)

1. Oncology Test
a) Breast Cancer
b) Colorectal Cancer
c) Prostate Cancer
d) Others
2. Infectious Diseases
a) Virology Test
b) HPV Test
c) HAI Test
d) Critical Care Test

3. Genetic Test
a) Blood Screening
b) Food Pathogen Test
c) Tissue Typing (HLA Test)

Company Sales Analysis (2010 – 2024)

1. Roche
2. Abbott
3. Myriad Genetics
4. BioMerieux
5. Qiagen
6. Hologic Inc.
7. Becton Dickinson
8. Siemens
9. Cepheid
10. Others