Clinical trials are slow and expensive process. Over the years, especially last year, the number of drugs approved through successful clinical trials has reduced significantly. Due to several clinical trial failures, pharmaceutical companies have suffered significant revenue loss. Based on Frost and Sullivan’s research, integration of digital technologies including cloud technology, artificial intelligence, big data, predictive and prescriptive analytics, internet of medical things and mobile technology, into the clinical trial processes can improve the efficiency, fasten the clinical trials processes. Pharmaceutical companies are embracing these digital technologies to improve patient engagement, prevent trial failures, thereby improving the profitability of drug development.

This research service will showcase the emerging technologies impacting the clinical trial industry on a global scale, through a detailed strategic assessment of the industry challenges and unmet needs. Integrating of these emerging digital technologies can create further growth opportunities such as increase the chances of trial success through adaptive clinical trials, facilitate remote trials for faster and cost-effective outcomes and increase patient engagement through patient-centric trials.