The Future of Technology - Six remarkable advances in technology are coming soon and they will change the world forever


There are many technologies and ideas throughout the world which are exciting in their potential but whose effects are mainly pipedreams that we never get to see in the flesh. However, in the world of tech there is currently a wave of industries that have real potential to change our world forever and they are likely to be realized within the next decade. These industries are inextricably linked and serve to augment the capabilities of each other, meaning that the rate of change is likely to snowball. From artificial intelligence, through to the space industry the rate of technological advancements in the last few years has been dramatic and this report examines and speculates on what is coming in the next decade and what their implications might be.

Key Highlights

  • These technologies on their own are likely to be revolutionary once we have them, but the most change will come when they are functioning together. For instance, a world where an advanced AI is able to use a quantum computer to conduct its research is not far away.
  • Many of the world’s biggest companies have invested heavily in these emerging tech markets and their desire for innovation, new products and understanding is driving these companies forward.
  • Not all of the side effects of this technological development can be predicted and some future scenarios may even be negative. There are organizations preparing for this scenario too, researching how to control AI for instance or developing less invasive neurological surgeries to try and make sure that the coming tech breakthrough is a positive one.


  • Examines six major technology areas where fundemental breakthroughs are only a few years away and what effect they might have on our world
  • Looks at artifical intelligence, who the major players are and what they want to achieve
  • Examines how driverless technology is creeping into the world’s transportation systems and what this means for us
  • Looks at the big players trying to build quantum computers and what they want them for
  • Analyzes how factories are changing with robotics and automation
  • Examines how brain implant technology is starting to produce results
  • Looks at the space industry and the emerging competition for a new market

Reasons To Buy

  • What major technology advances are coming soon and how will they effect businesses, society and learning?
  • Who are the big players that are chasing this technology and what do they seek to gain from it?
  • What could be the positive and negative outcomes of some of these technologies?
  • Are some of these technologies worth having? Or might they be a waste of investment?