Climate change & environmental damage: Examining five of the worst economic problems caused by worsening pollution


Climate change and the state of the environment are the most important and difficult challenges facing governments, businesses and individuals this century. Now the environmental risks posed by a developing climate are taking a toll. There needs to be careful management to reduce the impacts on the global economy that climate change, and environmental damage caused by changing weather patterns, will bring and some problems which won’t be preventable.

Key Highlights

  • The world’s major cities are recording high levels of dangerous pollutants, largely caused by governments encouraging the use of diesel over petrol powered vehicles. Manufactures are now improving designs; governments are seeking to grow alternatives such as EV and hybrid vehicles.
  • The plastic trash vortex in the Pacific Ocean is vast - a larger area than Texas - and has been caused by plastic waste, particularly plastic microbeads. Now under pressure from consumers, large companies are changing how products are made to meet with consumer demands and strengthening government regulation.
  • Many of the largest and most economically important cities in the world are situated near waterways. Current projections show major problems are looming, creating major population displacement problems. Avoiding these and other problems appears to be increasingly unlikely, meaning governments can only seek to limit the potential damage.


  • Examines how various environmental problems pose challenges to businesses around the world.
  • Assesses how environmental damage feeds back into problems for commerce, such as resource management and sustainability.
  • Looks at how different businesses are impacted by growing pressure of climate change and environmental damage.
  • Details how climate change presents threats to the security of food supply and the wider issues that entails.
  • Assesses the potential economic damage incurred from rising sea levels in the context of many centers of economic power being near major bodies of water.

Reasons To Buy

  • What is the likely impact of plastic waste on large companies?
  • How are governments and businesses reacting to the growing pollution problems in major cities?
  • What is the potential impact of rising sea levels on the major cities of the world?
  • How will climate change impact food supply and what will be the knock-on effects?
  • What role will coal play in the future of power generation as the world seeks cleaner sources of energy?