This insightful forecast details the huge markets that will develop around payloads flying in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that remain on station above the Jet Stream for months or even years at a time. With that endurance or persistence, such payloads will have satellite-like capabilities but without satellite-like costs or orbital limitations.  They’re sometimes called ‘pseudosats’ for that reason.

Our lead analyst is a very experienced military and commercial jet pilot who also has several US aviation patents.  That expertise shows in this report’s detailed explanations of both established solar aircraft and emerging stratospheric airship technologies.

Written with two scenarios covering both today’s restricted airspace and tomorrow’s easier access to the airspace over the most lucrative commercial markets, this forecast allows readers to watch current events and see how the markets will react to either future.  It truly covers all the bases.

Who is This Report For?

If you have anything do with Stratopheric UAV's and Payloads, this report is a must, particularly if you are one of the following:

  • Business Leaders & Business Developers
  • The Insurance Industry
  • UAV Manufacturers
  • Payload Manufacturers
  • Payload Operators
  • Civil Government Leaders & Planners

Multiple Scenarios

To provide a truly comprehensive coverage and analysis, this report examines three different scenarios:

  • Scenario I: Resistance to Change
  • Scenario II: Limited Access to Developed Airspace

Market Factors

Stratospheric Payloads Market Drivers & Inhibitors:

  • Drivers
    • Counter-Insurgency & Counter-IED
    • Multiple-Use Systems
    • Unique Capabilities
    • Altitude
    • Reduced Capability Costs
    • Cost Effectiveness
    • One Technology Brings all Communication Capabilities
    • Next Lucrative Aviation Market
    • Personal Communication Shortfalls
    • Mobile Television Shortfalls
  • Inhibitors
    • Airspace Restrictions – US & Europe
    • FAA Misleading US Congress and Public.
    • Commercial Competition
    • Invested Infrastructure
    • Radio Frequency Interference & Regulations
    • Opportunity Alert
    • Technical Challenges
    • US Defense Department Culture
    • US & European Export Restrictions