With the increase in global air travel, growth in Passengers’ investment appetite and to fight against the rising fuel prices, airlines are continuously improving and improvising to enhance their passenger carrying capacity, luxury and comfort to the air travelers. Aircraft seat is one of the key focus areas for this increasing fuel efficiency.

Low Cost Carriers (LCC) comprises of 63% in the global fleet size. LCCs uses single aisle Narrow Body Aircrafts, majority of the LCC Narrow Body configurations are economy class seats. On the contrary, Very Large Aircraft like the A380 includes the most luxurious aircraft seats - the Suites. Commercial aircraft seats are of different types depending on the luxury and comfort level viz. Suites, First class, Business class, Premium Economy class and Economy class.

This report segments the global market for commercial aircraft by Aircraft type, Seat type and Geographies. Detailed analysis and forecast for the period from 2012 to 2017, for the global market and each market segments are provided in the report. The various market dynamics that will be shaping the growth of the aircraft seating industry are also explained here.

Key Take-Aways
  • The global commercial aviation aircraft seating market size is expected to grow to $4.86 Billion by 2017.
  • Wide Body Aircrafts Market has the highest business potential throughout the study period.
  • Business class seats will be the maximum revenue generator among the different types of seats.
  • Need for fuel efficiency, will be one of the major market drivers.ome airlines are planning to mandate light-weight seats in their aircrafts by the next five years.B/E Aerospace is the leader in the aircraft seating market with over 50% of the market share.

Markets Covered
  • On the basis of Aircraft Types
Very Large Aircrafts market
Wide Body Aircrafts market
Narrow Body Aircrafts market
Regional Transportation Aircrafts market
  • On the basis of Product Type
Suites market
First Class Seats market
Business Class Seats market
Premium Economy Class Seats Market
Economy Class Seats Market
  • On the basis of Geographies
Global market
United States
  • Airlines
  • Aircraft Manufacturers
  • Aircraft Seat Manufacturers
  • Seat Cover Manufacturers
  • Aircraft Seats’ Foam Suppliers