The assisted reproduction device market is directly related to procedure numbers. The trends in procedures for IVF/ICSI are driven by country legislation and reimbursement. Italy has the most conservative laws, prohibiting assisted reproduction for single women or homosexual couples. Strict legislation has led to reproductive tourism becoming a hot industry in Europe, with countries such as Spain and Portugal receiving thousands of patients from other countries annually. Additionally, emerging technologies in the field are fueling market growth. Embryo time lapse incubators and vitrification equipment are both fast growing segments of the market bolstering the overall market value.
Endometrial ablation and endometrial resection trends are interlinked. Overall, endometrial resection procedures are decreasing. Endometrial resection is necessary when fibroids are present. Otherwise, endometrial ablation is gaining favor again as the preferred treatment option. Within the endometrial resection market, the dominant trend is a dramatic shift from monopolar loops to bipolar loops between 2012 and 2015. Overall, the resectoscope market is a replacement market; however, sales have been stable as gynecologists invest in resectoscopes made for bipolar loops.